VideoManager main features

VideoManager key features:
  • manage your collection of movies
  • add movies manually or using online searches
  • manage borrowed and lent records
  • database and application usable from memory card

AudioManager and VideoManager share the same user interface:
please refer to the AudioManager tutorial.

 VideoManager registration

You can try VideoManager during a trial period. After this trial period, features are restricted and you need to register to remove limitations. Please support shareware applications! VideoManager and AudioManager share the same activation code: you can buy either AudioManager or VideoManager to activate both of them. Existing AudioManager activation codes can be used.

 VideoManager version history

2010-02-14: VideoManager 0.1.1

2009-11-07: VideoManager 0.1.0

  • First official public beta release

Last update 2010-02-14
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