What is BrightCam? 


BrightCam sets your Treo/Centro preferences (screen brightness, keyboard backlight, indicator, tone volume) depending on the luminosity and the loudness of the surroundings.

BrightCam mesure la luminosité et le bruit afin d'ajuster automatiquement la configuration de votre Treo/Centro (luminosité de l'écran, éclairage du clavier, indicateur, volume de sonnerie).

Mediante el uso del sensor de luz presente en la lente de la cámara por defecto, BrightCam modificará automáticamente el brillo de la pantalla según el nivel de luz ambiental y, si es necesario, activará o desactivará la retroiluminación del teclado.

 BrightCam's Main tab 


The light levels measured by the camera may change depending on the camera type of your Treo 600. BrightCam remembers the biggest and the lowest values received by the camera to adjust the brightness properly. If you want a fast range analisys, press the button while facing the sky and another time with the camera hidden by your finger.


BrightCam will set the brightness depending the light levels with a default configuration. You might think that this default configuration is too dim, or too bright. If you want a brighter configuration, move the slider on the right just a few pixels. If you want a dimmer configuration, move the slider on the left just a few pixels. You can use the button to see the result of your configuration.


This button will read the current light level measure by the camera and will show it on top of the slider. It is only useful for testing purpose if you want to check the light level in different situations.


This button will set the brightness depending on the current light level measure by the camera. When you are adjusting the slider to fit your needs, you can move the slider step by step and try the result with the button.

 BrightCam's Light tab 


BrightCam will adjust the brightness when you power on the Treo 600. If the continuous option is set, the brightness will be adjusted when you switch from an application to another if the light conditions have changed, or every 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 seconds. You need a registration key to enable the continuous option for every 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 seconds.


BrightCam can turn off the blinking indicator in you room during the night. If this option is enabled, BrightCam will disable the blinking indicator when a dim lighting condition is measured.


You might want to adjust the brightness of the screen without exiting your current application. If the option is set, the backlight key will request BrightCam to adjust the brightness now. Pressing the key a longer time will enable or disable the Locked mode. When enabled, the brightness of the LCD will be set to the brightest level and will remain at this level until you disable the feature. A sound is also played to help you know if you are enabling or disabling the Locked mode. If you don't want BrightCam to control the keyboard backlight, pressing will adjust the LCD brightness and switch the mode as usual. If the next option is checked, then will only adjust the LCD brightness and the keyboard backlight depending on the lighting level.


When the option is enabled, you can choose if you want BrightCam to enable or disable the LCD automatic dimming after 15 seconds feature of the Treo 600, and if you want to keep the keyboard automatic off when a dim lighting condition is detected. If you need to adjust the keyboard backlight, a popup trigger allows you to adjust the darkness sensitivity from Thin to Thick.


Dim screen

Normal screen
No backlight
Locked mode off

Dim screen

Auto. screen
No backlight

Auto. screen
Auto. backlight
Locked mode on

Dim screen

Bright screen
No backlight

Bright screen
No backlight

 BrightCam's Sound tab 


You may have configured your Treo 600 with a tone volume when you receive a call. When your Treo 600 is in your pocket, can you hear the phone ringing? When a dim lighting condition is detected and you receive a call, BrightCam will adjust the tone to the maximum value possible. You can set this feature for phone calls, incoming MMS or SMS.


By default, the previous option will work all the time. If you want the feature to be enabled for a configured part of the day, you can press the button to select a time range. The button will reflect your configuration.


You might not want the Treo 600 to ring during an important appointment: BrightCam can manage this for you! When creating a calendar entry, anywhere in the description or in the note, add the keyword !BCx! where x is a digit from 0 (no sound) to 7 (louder volume). This feature requires a PIM application that is compatible with the standard calendar database (DatebookDB).


BrightCam can measure the noise level and adjust the tone volume when the noise level is above a defined threshold. You can use the slider to define your threshold and press the above picture to measure and update the current noise level.

 BrightCam version history 

2008-04-20: BrightCam 0.7.9

  • Fixed an issue with the registration form

2008-03-12: BrightCam 0.7.8

  • Primary Centro GSM support

2007-11-04: BrightCam 0.7.7

  • Primary Treo 755p and Centro support

2007-08-01: BrightCam 0.7.6

  • Improved Treo 700p support

2007-03-23: BrightCam 0.7.5

  • Fixed an issue preventing proper measures on some Treo 680 devices

2007-01-15: BrightCam 0.7.4

  • Improved Treo 680 support
  • Minor GUI changes

2007-01-01: BrightCam 0.7.0

  • Primary Treo 680 support
  • Updated "no-autooff" list (PalmPDF removed)

2006-06-07: BrightCam 0.6.9

  • Code cleanup in events loop
  • Primary Treo 700p support
  • New "no-autooff" list (cotoGPS, PalmPDF)

2005-11-04: BrightCam 0.6.7

  • Added BackupBuddyVFS in the no-refresh list

2005-08-15: BrightCam 0.6.6

  • Added some applications in the no-refresh list
  • Profiles 1.01 integration now available

2005-08-05: BrightCam 0.6.5

  • Fix the slowdown issue on Treo 650

2005-07-27: BrightCam 0.6.4

  • Quickset added for Treo 650 (P+Option)
  • "no-refresh" list updated (pTunes, RealPlayer, TCMP...)
  • Noise measure fixed for Treo 650
  • Faster brightness measure for Treo 650
  • Fix the "white" issue at poweron

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